Carrsville Hwy. bridge in need of replacement

Published 8:56 am Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CARRSVILLE—A recent inspection of a bridge on Carrsville Highway, also known as Route 58 Business, shows “local failures are possible” on the deck and superstructure, according to a Virginia Department of Transportation report.

The report also indicated the 78-year-old bridge, which goes over CSX railroad tracks and Old Myrtle Road, may have “fatigue cracks in the steel or sheer cracks in the concrete.”

The bridge was last inspected in January and is due for another inspection this January, said James “Jim” Long, an engineer with VDOT in Suffolk. The bridge, which had its last reconstruction 33 years ago, is scheduled for replacement in 2014, Long said.

The bridge is not considered unsafe, said Nora Chivers, spokeswoman for VDOT in Suffolk. If it was, it would be closed.

The report also indicated the Mill Swamp Road bridge over Passenger Swamp scored a three out of nine for its superstructure.

The bridge is limited to vehicles less than 12 tons, Long said. It is inspected once a year due to its low rating and weight restrictions. The design for a replacement bridge has been started and a new bridge is scheduled for construction in 2015, he said.

Finally, VDOT also reported a structural defect on a bridge on Courthouse Highway in Isle of Wight at Champion Swamp. The bridge is due for inspection in January with repairs planned for next year.