Cheer on Franklin’s Broncos

Published 8:50 am Friday, November 26, 2010

Saturday’s weather calls for a sunny, 57-degree day. Just perfect for the Region A championship game between Franklin and Sussex Central high schools at Armory Field in Franklin.

If they win the 1 p.m. game, the Franklin Broncos will advance to the state playoffs. Coach Darren Parker is committed to the boys taking this year’s state title.

The Franklin Broncos have worked hard this season, earning a 10-1 record and winning the Tri-Rivers District title.

Those boys began practicing in the August heat and have continued daily after school. Many work out all year just for football season.

On Wednesday, they were on the field by 6:45 a.m. for a nearly four-hour practice to prepare for the game against the Tigers. That’s commendable.

Now, the residents of Western Tidewater need to get out and cheer on the Broncos. What better way to spend a nice afternoon.

Parker does a good job with the boys, who are a well disciplined bunch. They’ve got some tough kids who really know how to run the ball and defend their teammates.

We always say what better entertainment than watching what the community’s young men can do on a football field.