What happens when bullying goes beyond the classroom

Published 8:57 am Wednesday, November 24, 2010

by Ruby Walden

There has been much concern by the public in recent months about bullying of students by their peers in the classroom, on the school bus and even in the street.

This, we all know, is the result of the big, bad guy taking advantage of the smaller, nicer guy. The guy who may not have the support of a sibling, friend or stranger to help ward off those who are mean, arrogant and have no true values.

The bullies only want to take what they want, or do what they want to satisfy their own egocentricity. They have no regard for right or wrong, legal or illegal, intelligence or ignorance.

Bullies are unable to think on their own, so they have to form their private gang with a leader who can yell the loudest, look the ugliest and be the meanest. Gangs, as we all know, can sometimes be the most detrimental to the least expected — their own.

They appear to have no interest in helping to build and strengthen the democracy that our nation revolves and operates. Bullying apparently began in the legislative halls and spread to the schoolhouse halls, but no one would ever detect that, would they?

Looking back at what took place with the recent midterm elections, it seems easier to understand why there has been and continues to be such a demise of good leadership in homes, churches, organizations and businesses, as well as our government. In all of these organized situations, what is required is honesty, integrity, fairness, transparency and cooperation by the majority for success to follow.

Instead, these qualities, which have been the bedrock of our existence, have been destroyed through favoritism, misrepresentation and bad leadership.

America has been bullied from the first day Barack Obama took office as president of the United States of America; the bullies have been working overtime to frighten those who do not understand the tricks of the trade.

They have been lying and distorting the truth about everything they possibly could, and at the same time, practicing how to just say in unison together “no, no, no” to everything our president is trying to accomplish.

Was it that they were unable to understand the tangled up mess they had helped to create themselves? Or, was it that they were afraid that more and more of their buddies who had stolen so much money would be exposed?

Who knows how many cronies could be caught up in their own “smart” deals? Or, was the truth, and the whole truth, what was clearly stated by one of those loud-mouthed and vicious people who said in no uncertain terms “we want President Obama to fail?”

Like it or not, he is our president. He is intelligent, savvy and capable of leading our nation. If only we had more legislators whose abilities matched President Obama’s, who were concentrating on leading the country in the right direction, rather than hating the man they are supposed to be working with.

Looking at the results of the Nov. 2 election, I imagine such characters are blown up with pride, thinking the president has failed. But, the sad irony of it all is that we have seen how easily people can be bullied by those screaming, ruthless, narrow-minded people who are too deaf, dumb and blind to see the welfare of the nation as a serious concern.

Now we have the grand opportunity to see how they will try to find common ground and be part of getting something worthwhile done, if that’s possible.

The extreme efforts the Tea Party have resorted to in bullying people across the nation could be of great value if only they could bring truth, honesty and sincerity of purpose to the forefront and cause it to be disseminated to all those inclined to drink “tea” at those Tea Parties.

There is no time for continued foolishness in this country. Where are the strong, responsible, honest legislators who are entrusted to work with the president?

Where’s the knowledge, wisdom and understanding they were thought to possess when elected by the people? They are expected to be honest helpers for the benefit of the nation.

To write and propose good legislative bills of value, to recognize problems, find the best solutions and solve them, and then have the courage to promote and support what is best for all the people. They are supposed to be advocates to represent us in an intelligent, productive way.

Never has any president before been expected to do so much in such a short period, but has already done so much and certainly has not been given any credit for all he has done.

Just think what else could have been done if so much bullying had not been going on.

RUBY WALDEN is a Suffolk resident. She can be reached at 657-6478.