City Council should do right concerning McClenny

Published 8:32 am Friday, November 19, 2010

To the Editor:

Franklin Police Chief Phil Hardison’s actions toward retired Sgt. Ronnie McClenny to me have been wrong from the start.

Ronnie has served the City of Franklin faithfully. He has earned the respect of citizens of Franklin in his fairness to the public and his service.

I do not agree with the way Ronnie quit, but he still served his time on the police force, and he should be allowed his service revolver, if for no other reason than his service.

By buying the revolver back, it seems to be a personal issue with the chief. My opinion is he seems to be saying “I have it, see if you can get it.”

For a chief of police to act this way is childish.

Give the man his revolver and bring this issue to a close.

The citizens of Franklin should get involved with this issue and let your opinions be known. City Council should order the pistol given to McClenny. Do what is right!

Don Bridgers