Was story about Franklin sisters newsworthy?

Published 8:23 am Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To the Editor:

In response to the recent article (“Sisters united: Siblings start Gay Straight Alliance,” Nov. 3) on the sisters who live in compatibility, though one being a homosexual and the other not, leaves one to question two points.

First how is such a story newsworthy?

And secondly how and why is it that a group of people linked by sexual preference raise their concerns in the public forum as much as they do?

It is hard to understand why a group of people set themselves apart publicly on the basis of their sexual preferences. I’m sure that there are many other groups of people with specific sexual preferences, and we fail to hear of their plight and concerns in the public forum. Is it necessary? Why would it be?

Let’s face facts that the only reason this one particular group (homosexuals) image is raised in society to the level of public awareness that it is, is due to their seeking acceptance of the public to regard homosexuality as a normal way of life.

While it may be tolerated, it is not accepted. While we seek to love and tolerate members of society regardless of their differences, we should not try to remake the issue into something it is not.

Jonathan Varnell