Tiny hands

Published 8:12 am Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What will these hands one day hold?

Perhaps a scalpel.

And deftly cut into the human body to remove pain and agony and misery. It will hold the knife that makes the cut to give hope or despair, while people wait in a side room fretting and pacing and praying, trusting that those hands will travel the path of life.

Perhaps a steering wheel.

And drive thousands of miles across asphalt ribbons through mountains and across deserts, over bridges and into tunnels, down turnpikes and back roads. Through sleet and ice and snow, they will turn a small wheel that steers a massive conglomerate of metal hurtling 70 miles an hour through a maze of smaller objects traveling likewise. Night and day.

Perhaps a gavel.

And represent a people desirous of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. By the use of that wooden hammer, he determines the role of government in human affairs, the administration of justice and the pursuit of the common good. He will learn to lead by being a servant. He will need much wisdom.

Perhaps a football.

And run like the wind through defensive lines, past linebackers and over defensive backs, hurdling would-be tacklers as giddy spectators cheer by the thousands and coaches celebrate on the sidelines. Perhaps chalk.

And illustrate on a board to young minds new thoughts, ideas and concepts. He will provide the fuel for dreams, imaginations and ideas. He will inspire fresh thoughts and provide the seed for launching into bodies of knowledge. He will spend long hours discussing, pondering and wrestling with the wonderful world of ideas. And his students will capture passion from him.

Perhaps a rifle.

And be a part of a unit that is part of a larger unit part of a still larger unit, who together provide protection for a country. He and his comrades will learn, like none other, the definition of defense. He will serve to safeguard the rights and freedoms of a particular people so much that, should the situation require it, he would give even his life.

All these things those tiny hands may one day clamor to hold.

But as for today, they are perfectly content simply holding his grandpa (sorry, Leah).