Stand up against Pelosi, Reid, Obama on Nov. 2

Published 10:11 am Saturday, October 30, 2010

To the Editor:

America is facing a true watershed event on Nov. 2.

Do we as united citizens and taxpayers stand up against the “change” that has brought us to the brink of fiscal insolvency? This year we need to stand up and make a statement to the Pelosi/Reid/Obama radical agenda.

This starts with sending a true conservative back to Washington with overwhelming constituent support to continue his fight against the socialist agenda put forth by the current leadership.

We as Virginians need to send a message to the nation that our congressman, Randy Forbes, is the epitome of what an elected official should be and that we as Americans need to elect 434 other members who share our values as deeply as he does.

Randy has held to his beliefs and never compromised his values when it has come to doing what is in the best interest of his constituents. He has fought to not only save but to expand Fort Lee and protect veterans’ rights.

In addition, he is leading the charge to protect the Joint Forces Command in Norfolk and has successfully halted the efforts to move an aircraft carrier from Virginia to Florida, thus saving jobs and taxpayers millions.

At a recent event, he spoke of his deep love and respect for both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, something that this administration seems to have a blatant disregard for.

Our congressman has consistently been ranked as one of the most fiscally conservative members of the House, opposing the billions of “stimulus” money that has made little impact on Virginia’s economy and burdened our children with a debt that they can never repay.

He has opposed every measure for this socialist regime to intrude into our lives and has fought hard against the liberal legislative onslaught put forth.

Most important, Randy Forbes has fought for us, our children and our veterans.

Randy’s opponent in this year’s election has stated publicly that “Obama Care was good but did not go far enough.” In my humble opinion, we as citizens of the Commonwealth must stand up and tell Obama/Pelosi/Reid that they have gone too far.

Richard Roberts II
Colonial Heights