Forbes consistently votes according to will of people

Published 9:57 am Saturday, October 30, 2010

by Martha Dodd-Slippy

U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes has consistently voted as to the will of the people. He is one of the few legislators who asks and listens to the constituents.

Our country is quickly headed to bankruptcy, no thanks in part to our president and to our Congress. When President Bush left office, we were $8 billion in debt. Today, we are quickly headed to $14 trillion in debt.

It has to do with a non-effective bailout program, where money was sent all over the country and out of the country for programs such as testing cocaine on monkeys at Wake Forest University. The number of ridiculous bailouts is repulsive if one bothers to look at the big picture.

The health care bill is wonderful if socialistic medicine is your desire. I have seen that health care in Germany, and it is not what we want or need in America. Mandating Americans to buy anything is against our Constitution, but our Constitution has taken a back seat in our Congress.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told the lawmakers to go ahead and vote for the bill, and then they can read it and find out what is in there after the bill has passed. The bill was over 2,000 pages, and the plan to implement the bill is over 4,000 pages.

Canadians, with their socialistic medicine, come to the United States for their many health care needs. England is telling us to not do that bill. Once we go there, we can’t turn back. Winston Churchill tried to warn England, and they did not listen.

The Cap and Trade bill will increase everyone’s electric bill, taxes and will eliminate our 50 percent usage of coal. Just two weeks ago the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency denied a permit to a company in Mercer County, W. Va., to surface mine coal. It would have created hundreds of jobs, opened a new vein of coal and eased our reliance on oil for heat.

The EPA denied the company the right to operate on over 2,000 acres for they speculated what might happen. It had nothing to do with facts. Cap and Trade is our worst nightmare, except for those who are making millions for themselves.

Former Vice President Al Gore has reaped over $200 million from false representation regarding alleged “global warming,” and much of it has been added to Cap and Trade.

Unemployment and under-employment are at an all-time high of around 16 percent. With that we have the most foreclosures ever.

The fear factor has been invoked by the Obama administration for business owners are in fear of hiring for the possibility of taxes being increased, as the Clinton administration did.

Every business is directly affected when Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, corporate taxes and other federal taxes are increased. People are fearful of making long-term commitments such as a 30-year mortgage when they do not know they will have a job tomorrow.

It all goes hand in hand; if there is confidence in the presidential and congressional administrations, there is growth. We will continue to falter with the continued administrations.

We have seen too many “changes” in a negative light, and it will take us approximately 10 years to return to 5 percent unemployment, if the creation of jobs and reduction of taxes will go together.

Building our country via faith is what our founding fathers did. Maintaining our country on faith is up to us to continue.

Congressman Forbes is one I build my foundation on to protect my religious freedoms and to keep our country safe from financial harm as well as physical harm. There are many trying to take God out of our country, but today our country has a constant need for God.

Thank you, Congressman Forbes, for your willingness to want to continue to represent the majority, as you have been doing so consistently, as you vote against these damaging bills. I do thank you and I wish you well.

In regards to Dr. Wynne LeGrow running, there was a remark made by Jay Osburn in a letter to the editor in the Oct. 24, 2010, Independent-Messenger. He stated, “I, for one applaud Dr. LeGrow’s honesty.”

Dr. LeGrow started his campaign in a dishonest manner for he informed the Emporia Rotary Club that he is really an independent but is running on the Democrats’ ticket so he can receive the financial support from the Democratic Party.

Is that ethical or honest? If he starts a campaign in that manner, how can you look for trust in his work in Washington?