Perfection for Franklin JV team

Published 8:42 am Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hats off to Franklin High School’s junior varsity football team.

On Thursday, the Broncos completed their fifth undefeated season in six years. They were 7-0 this season, outscoring opponents 220-30. That’s incredible.

Head Coach Travis Councill told a reporter he was blessed to have worked with such a great group of guys and a great group of athletes.

Councill also attributed the team’s success to local little league football teams, where the boys learned the basic skills to build on.

It’s great to see youth involved with activities, whether it be athletics, school clubs, band or drama.

Youth who are involved tend to do better in school because they have to budget their time for practice and homework. They also tend to do better in life.

By participating, they learn responsibility. They also find out that being involved with activities can be a lot of fun.

But the real credit needs to go to the parents and coaches. Parents, who commit to getting their kids to practice, going to games and shelling out the money for equipment, raffle tickets and whatever else is needed.

And coaches, who although they may be paid a small salary, are basically volunteering their time. They are keeping kids off the streets, keeping them focused, keeping them busy.

So to the winning Broncos: Remain involved and you won’t regret it. Congratulations on a fine season.