Larger midway needed at fair

Published 8:38 am Friday, October 22, 2010

To the Editor:

My family and I have been attending Franklin-Southampton County Fair since we moved here in 1992. As each year has passed, the midway has become smaller and smaller.

We must not forget what it is like to be a kid — the excitement that came with going to the fair and seeing all the rides and all the bright flashing lights that you could see before even entering.

It was always a hard decision for us to decide which one to ride first.

And now, it appears that the biggest attraction is focused on the beer wagon and live music. If that’s your thing, then that’s your choice. But we need to put more emphasis and effort on a bigger midway for children in this area. If you build your midway, you will bring in more people to the fair, balancing out the event.

Frank K. Land