Published 8:20 am Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Southampton County
CARL BOOZER, violation of probation
BRUCE ERIC LAWRENCE, violation of probation
RASHEED BROWN, possession firearm by violent felon, failure to appear
IAN KRISTOFFER BLOW, reckless driving
STEFAN JOEL PONZI, violation of probation
MATTHEW AARON SAFFELL, violation of probation
LARRY RANDELL STEWART, two counts of failure to comply with support obligations
LISA JACOBS, contempt of court
JERRY LESTER GARRIS JR., two counts of revocation of suspended sentence and probation, forging public records, contempt of court
JASON WHITLEY, violation of probation
GARY LEVI GAINES, failure to comply with support obligations
MARVIN HAITHCOAT, operating being habitual offender
REGINALD JEROME CROSS, unauthorized use of vehicle
CLIFTON LAMONT JONES, failure to file reports
WEETA RENEE CUTCHIN, driving under influence
CHRISTOPHER MCNEIL, habitual offender