Five left homeless after fire

Published 11:12 am Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FRANKLIN—A mother and her three teenage daughters lost everything in a Thursday fire at Southampton Meadows mobile home park on Route 258.

Karen Falkins, who had no insurance for the trailer she rented, is looking for a place to stay and clothing for her children, who are 17, 14 and 12. Falkins’ father, Billy, also lived with the family.

The American Red Cross paid for three nights at Days Inn, said Tammy Meador, who works with Karen Falkins at Courtland Healthcare Center. Falkins is a nurse’s aide at the nursing home.

“She’s trying to find somewhere to go, with either her grandmother or sister,” Meador said. “With three kids, it’s doubtful she had anything stashed. She’s like most of us. You have a little extra, but you live paycheck to paycheck.”

The family needs furniture, appliances and clothing. Pant sizes include women’s 11-12, 24, 18-20 and large or extra large in girls. Shirt sizes include large and extra large in women’s and children’s. Men’s size 42 pants and extra-extra large shirts are also needed.

The accidental fire may have started after the oven was left on, said Franklin Fire and Rescue Capt. Richard Grizzard.

“We think it was left on, but we’re not 100 percent sure,” Grizzard said. “The fire started in the area of the stove.”

No one was home when the fire broke out at 2:26 p.m. The mobile home owned by Mac Davis and its contents were destroyed.

About 25 firefighters from Franklin, Hunterdale and Newsoms responded. No one was hurt.