He claims Forbes had scheduling conflicts

Published 10:17 am Friday, October 15, 2010

To the Editor:

I read with amusement Dr. Wynne LeGrow’s assertion (“LeGrow: Forbes won’t debate,” Friday, Oct. 8) that U.S. Rep. Randy Forbes was ducking a debate.

I just talked to Congressman Forbes’ staff concerning this, and it is due to previous commitments that were scheduled months ago.

I find it somewhat interesting that if Dr. LeGrow really wanted to debate Congressman Forbes, the opportunities were there in July, August, September and the first part of October, but Dr. LeGrow did not take advantage of this.

I have to wonder why.

I feel certain that Congressman Forbes would enjoy discussing the real costs of health care to Virginians that Dr. LeGrow would expand, like the 3.8 percent sales tax on the sale of homes in 2013; homes have to be “green” certified before selling with all the additional costs to the home seller; the 1099s that small and big business people will have to do at additional costs to their businesses for each transaction over $600; how your employer’s health care cost will now be added onto your W-2 Form for next year for your federal taxes; or how all the military, active duty and retirees, were left out of the Democrats’ health care bill; and how this health care bill will cost the 53 percent who pay taxes over $1.3 billion more in Virginia alone.

Likewise, I am sure that a debate between Congressman Forbes, who believes that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right and that businesses should receive tax cuts, and Dr. LeGrow, who does not believe in 2nd Amendment rights and thinks that business taxes should increased, would have been very lopsided.

How one can advocate expanding the Democrats’ health care bill, with all its hidden and crippling costs, expansion of the federal government at the expense of individual rights and denying individual rights under the state and national constitutions, and expect Virginians to vote for him or her is beyond me.

But then, too, in politics if one uses deceptive statements long enough and loud enough, it becomes the truth to many, I fear.

Richard G. Vaught
Lt. Col., USAF Ret.