City sensitive to concerns about Navy’s plan

Published 8:04 am Wednesday, October 13, 2010

To the Editor:

It has become apparent, as anticipated, that there are very valid questions about the recent announcement that the Navy will begin negotiating a potential contract with the city for the use of the Franklin Municipal Airport and its facilities.

The Navy’s use of the airport will co-exist with the current civilian use of the airport. It is not intended that this new use will replace civilian use of the airport.

The city is very sensitive to everyone’s concerns and shared them as well. This phase of discussion would never have advanced this far had not many of the same concerns been answered to our satisfaction to this point.

The questions being asked are valid, and the city has information and answers for most of them from prior evaluations. Please be aware that this process requires a full environmental impact study to be performed by the Navy with noise contours and with citizen input.

In addition, the Navy is scheduling a “field day” of flying activity by the E-2 Hawkeye aircraft here in Franklin, both in the daytime and at night, so everyone can observe and see, hear and feel the impact of their practicing “touch-and-gos.”

Several people have already experienced a demonstration up close and can attest there will be little to no noise concerns. These aircraft make no more impact than a private twin engine “King Air” would make when landing or taking off at our field.

You can anticipate a public announcement of this event within the next three weeks.

The flight paths have been evaluated as well as training altitudes, and at this point, we are very comfortable with this project.

The Navy will be soliciting input and questions, and public information meetings will be planned and announced to encourage input and to disseminate accurate information.

The City Council appreciates everyone’s interest, support and concerns. We will do our best to address all concerns in the final evaluation of this project.

Please send in questions/concerns to me at or City Attorney Taylor Williams at or call 562-8505.

James P. Councill III