Don’t leave Carrsville out of turboprop discussion

Published 10:03 am Saturday, October 9, 2010

To the Editor:

It is very upsetting to me to see the chairman of the “No OLF” and the City of Franklin very easily support the Navy’s plan to have 20,000 touch-and-go operations of turboprop planes at the municipal airport located here in Isle of Wight County without any input from the Carrsville residents or consideration of any impact it may have on the area.

From my information gathered, there would be very little financial benefit or no actual landing would occur, and all fueling would be done at the Navy’s base.

The city has already approached area citizens in efforts of purchasing their homes and land for airport expansion. It was also understood by me that they couldn’t force these sales because the money being used to do this was grant money.

It almost gives the impression that as long as it’s not in the city or county of Southampton it’s OK.

Our residents attended meetings and supported Southampton’s “No OLF” efforts wholeheartedly, and still do.

We know you don’t want an airfield in your front yard, and guess what? We don’t either.

Carrsville somehow always gets the bad end of the stick. International Paper’s closing of the mill has completely devastated our community, and my idea of community is Franklin, Southampton and Isle of Wight.

People so easily forget that the mill is not and has not ever been located in the City of Franklin. I have not only lost my job at the mill, but I’m currently facing the possibility of a severe tax hike because my county can’t afford to pay ransom revenue sharing to the city without the mill’s operation.

In closing, the price of freedom will never be cheap, and I’m very grateful for those who gave their lives and those who defend us every day, so that my family and I rest good at night.

If there is nowhere else for the Navy to go, I’ve got earplugs. We have strong hearts here in Carrsville, so just don’t forget us.

C. Daryl Butler