Shaffer receives Robbie Pulley Memorial Scholarship

Published 12:03 pm Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kelsey Shaffer received the Robbie Pulley Memorial Sportsmanship Award during the Southampton County 4-H Livestock Club’s recent annual awards banquet.

A top honor, the award is given to someone who demonstrates exemplary characteristics of unselfishness, solid work ethic, respectfulness and a positive attitude.

“I am excited to have gotten this award,” Shaffer said. “It is quite special.”

Jeffery Vincent was the winner of this year’s Sweepstakes Award for feeder steer.

“This year’s drought and heat really presented some challenges over previous years,” Vincent said, noting many had to take measures to relieve their animals from heat stress.

Throughout the year, 22 youth were involved in the planning, husbandry, training, recordkeeping, presentation and showmanship of market goats and lambs, feeder steer, rabbits and poultry.

“Having a successful program such as this, despite being absent a dedicated 4-H agent for two years now really demonstrates the commitment of the parents, volunteers and the community toward youth leadership development in Southampton County,” said Neil Clark, Interim Agricultural Extension Agent for Southampton County.

Clark also commended Teisha Evans, Unit Administrative Assistant for Southampton Extension, for keeping a large portion of both the 4-H and agricultural programs moving for the last two years.

The results were as follows:

Market Lamb: First and second place and Grand and Reserve Champion, Bradley Hammond

Market Goat Light Weight under 70 pounds: First Carter Brittle, second Bradley Hammond, third Amanda Gowins

Market Goat Middle Weight 70-80 pounds: First Phillip Carr Jr., second Edythe Carr, third Kelsey Shaffer

Market Goat Heavy Weight over 80 pounds: First Lee Johnson, second Maryann Johnson, third Bradley Hammond

Feeder Steer Senior Fitting and Showmanship: First Jeffrey Vincent, second Janie Young, third Ethan Holland

Feeding Steer Junior Fitting and Showmanship: First Phillip Carr Jr., second Megan Vincent and Kelsey Shaffer

Novice Fitting and Showmanship: First Edythe Carr

Light Weight less than 550 pounds: First and Grand Champion Jeffrey Vincent, second Ethan Holland

Middle Weight 550 to 600 pounds: First and Reserve Champion Megan Vincent

Heavy Weight 600 to 700 pounds: First Phillip Carr Jr., second Janie Young, third Edythe Carr

Carter Brittle, Cole Brittle, Whitley Brittle, Luke Giles and Maryann Johnson participated as Cloverbud goat exhibitors in showmanship, costume and obstacle course competitions.

Poultry and rabbit exhibitors were Elena Dallabrida, Elizabeth Dallabrida, Hannah Dallabrida, Amanda Gowins, Connor Gowins, Holly Gowins, Andrew Shaffer and Joshua Shaffer.

Sponsorship awards of $50 per animal were donated to each exhibitor by Richard Vaughn of Rich and Rich Bonded Auctioneers and the members, shareholders and staff of Suffolk Cotton Gin from donated proceeds at the annual auction at the gin yard.

Program volunteers included Jennifer Vincent, Jennifer Cuthbertson, Glenn Updike, Amy Lehman, Walt Young Jr., Walter Young III and Mike Holland. Serving as judges and providing support were Brent Jennings, Clarence Jennings, Bob McDonald, Fair Queen Megan Revelle, Craig Holland, Mike Holland, Johnny Hawthorne, Kelvin Wells and the Board of the Franklin-Southampton County Fair.