Impressed with Courtland nursing home

Published 9:06 am Friday, October 1, 2010

To the Editor:

Your recent front-page article titled “Nursing home under fire” (Sept. 26) caught my attention as my mother had recently been a resident at Courtland Health & Rehabilitation Center for approximately six weeks in August and September.

Although my mother lives in Virginia Beach, when I requested she be sent to Courtland for rehab because it is near to where I live, the hospital she was in said that Courtland was a great choice and that they had an “excellent” rehab program there.

They were right.

I found the staff at Courtland Health to be professional, compassionate and very patient with the residents and their needs.

I feel the title of your article implied something derogatory about the facility and/or staff, but instead the article itself seemed “personal” and aimed at the new management. Sometimes when you bring in new management, you need to clean house. Sounds to me like they needed to do just that at Courtland Health.

Marilyn Boyle