If fully staffed, why keep hiring?

Published 8:41 am Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To the Editor:

I guess enough has been said about the changes at the Courtland Health & Rehabilitation Center, but I have several observations I would like to share.

First, I had a conversation that nearly turned into a confrontation with Administrator Mandy Pennington. She assured me repeatedly that the center was fully staffed, yet in Sunday’s edition of The Tidewater News, there were three large ads asking for LPNs, RNs and a human resources manager.

Sounds like a contradiction to me, but what really upset me was when Nancy Marks, my ex-daughter-in-law — who I still love and respect — and a 15-year qualified, caring nurse was fired.

After being fired, she went back to the center to say goodbye to her patients, only to be told if she did, the police would be called. She did anyway and left through the back door. She really cared for her patients, and I am convinced she was qualified. If not, why did she manage to work 15 years without someone not knowing it?

But after all is said and done, being a Christian and a minister, I wish to apologize to Mandy for offending her. Life is too short and eternity too long to hold a grudge.

But what I have expressed, I believe to be true. Yes, I do use sarcasm in expressing my feelings, but what I am really doing is training to replace Andy Rooney when he retires from the “60 Minutes.”

Kenneth Williams