Court Dispositions

Published 8:03 am Friday, September 17, 2010

Court Dispositions
Southampton County
Circuit Court
GEORGE PERRY, Franklin, violation of probation (grand larceny), $648 in court costs, three years probation; violation of probation (uttering), one year and nine months in prison; violation of probation (forgery), three years probation
JOHN ELLIS DARDEN, Boykins, DUI (second), three months in jail, driver’s license suspended for three years, $500 fine, $1,095 in court costs

Isle of Wight County Circuit
JUANITA S. PORTER, Portsmouth, welfare fraud: larceny for less than $200, $250 in court costs, two years probation
DEBORAH SUE LIPSCOMB, Windsor, DUI, driver’s license suspended for 12 months, $250 fine, $361 in court costs, two years probation.