Health-care bill will cost more than dollars

Published 9:18 am Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To the Editor:

This is in response to Tim Kaine’s column, (“Democrats deliver on decades-old promise,” Aug. 25).

First I would like to thank my fellow veteran, Lt. Col. Richard Vaughht, for his truth to correct Tim Kaine and his usual Democrat lies to keep people suppressed and in the dark.

Remember every dollar the government gives away is a dollar that they had to take from you and me — the working Americans. Tim Kaine did nothing but hurt the state of Virginia with more spending on pork just as Obama is now spending our country into Obamanation — total destruction of our infrastructure and killing jobs in America.

If Tim Kaine wanted to do Virginia good, he would have decreased taxes, put a stop to all this free charity called welfare. The more babies, the more money. Wrong answer. The check should not grow. This just encourages them to have more illegitimate babies.

Put a stop to food stamps and Medicaid fraud. At least 80 percent, I would guess is all fraud. All it does is eliminate the need for a father to support the family. If they father a child, make them pay.

Tim Kaine doesn’t have a clue and he obviously did not read the Obama care bill either, or he wouldn’t have been able to say all the lies he said.

It is going to cost us all big, and not just in dollars.

Mark Whaley
U.S. Navy retired
Isle of Wight County