Partial knee replacement understated

Published 8:54 am Saturday, August 21, 2010

To the Editor:

I enjoyed the recent article (“Knee resurfacing is joint replacement surgery,” July 30) on knee replacement but feel the case for partial knee replacement was understated.

Studies show that a partial replacement can last as long as a regular replacement. Newer custom-made partial knee replacements, such as the ConforMis knee, offer the patient less bone loss, preservation of ligaments, faster recoveries and more options if further surgery is ever required.

Younger, more active patients who have had previous knee surgery and have complete cartilage loss in only one or two of the three main compartments of the knee, now can have their knees partially replaced and remain active, as opposed to conventional wisdom, which directed them to limit their activities, watch from the sideline and wait until they were 65 years old to have their knee fixed.

Robert Snyder

Newport News