Latch Key Projects

Published 8:38 am Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Name of Person Featured: Mary P. Bills

Name of Business: Latch Key Projects

Street Address: 601 N. Mechanic St, Suite No. 124, Franklin

Telephone Number: 757-556-2832

Office Hours: By appointment.

E-Mail Address:

Nature of Business: Grant writing and school-based treatment.

How’s Business: Honestly, it’s slow. But, we are optimistic that it will grow

Something You Wish Everyone Knew About Your Business: LKP has high energy and a willingness to work hard for your program. We train your employees to write your grants.

Something You Offer That a Customer Won’t Find Elsewhere: We will write a program to meet the needs of your grant if your company needs this. We have been writing grants for 30 years.

Your First Job: Substance abuse counselor.

Your Role Model: My mother. She gave up her career to stay at home with us.

The Key to a Successful Business is: Networking and honesty.