Down here on the river

Published 8:49 am Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Down here on the river there are no fights, battles or wars. Only peace.

Down here there are no longer any bills to pay. No debt. No accruing interest. Nothing is due in 30 days, and the mortgage has evaporated. All is paid.

There is nothing to try and figure out and understand. There is only the river.

Down here she always has, does now and will forever love you.

There is neither death nor loss. Everything just continues on.

There is no appointment to make. You are forever on time.

There are no broken hearts, marriages or machinery.

I am the handsomest man around.

You are neither flattered nor rejected, but enveloped by acceptance.

Down here the peanuts are without disease, the cotton is heavy with bolls and every cow has a calf.

All families are happy families.

There are no meetings to attend, no boss to please, no trash to take out, no column to write.

There are no crying children, no weeping women, no silent sulking men. There is only the dragonfly, hovering above the water as a fish breaks the surface.

Down here all people everywhere are good and gracious.

Down here neither the trees nor breeze nor balding cypress knees are faintly acquainted with the one called stress.

Down here on the river I have ceased to age.

But I must go back.