Genemarie “G” Cargile

Published 9:57 am Saturday, August 7, 2010

Name: Genemarie “G” Cargile

Occupation: Controller

Child’s name and age: Jeremy, Jenefer and Katie

Pet I’d like to own: More pugs

Favorite movies of all time: “Gone with the Wind”

TV show I never miss: “Big Bang Theory”

The secret to happiness is: Find humor in every situation

I wish I knew how to: Salsa dance

Three words that describe me: Happy, loyal, caring

One superpower I wish I had: To be a fly on the wall

My proudest achievement: Buying my first house

My most recent trip: New York

My life won’t be complete until: I see all of Europe

My friends think I’m: Funny

My most humbling moment: When I almost lost my daughter to an illness.

I really lose my cool when: I hold a door open for someone and they do not say thank you.

The best life lesson I’ve learned and who taught me: Work hard and to the best of your ability — my dad.

Best decision I’ve made in life: To have a baby

Local charitable or non-profit organization I wish more people would support: Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue

My best childhood memory: Going out for a “girls day” with my mom and getting my ears pierced.