Funds shouldn’t be wasted

Published 8:47 am Wednesday, August 4, 2010

To the Editor:

As a transplant to this area, I have enjoyed becoming a student of Virginia history and am amazed by the rich heritage of the Old Dominion.

I understand, appreciate and respect the interest and efforts of Rick Francis and others with regards to Nat Turner (“Nat Turner driving tour gets federal funds,” July 28).

Nevertheless, given the dismal state of the economy, unemployment and the massive debt, spending $420,000 on the Nat Tuner Trail is an obscene example of an out-of-control government. This is not $420,000 that our government has in the bank, but is more debt that will be borrowed at interest.

I am not opposed to local history, or any acknowledgement of the Turner Trail, but it should not be done with government money. The Southampton Agricultural & Forestry Museum is a great example of local effort without government largess. What could the local schools, or police, or fire do with an additional $420,000?

I would ask those involved to return the money, and not participate in this shameful waste.

Kim Kreider