Patriotic Bicycle Parade another example of club’s worth to residents

Published 8:31 am Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To the Editor:

The Woman’s Club of Windsor sponsored a Children’s Patriotic Bicycle Parade during the Town of Windsor Fourth of July Celebration.

The celebration and parade were a tremendous hit. I want to share an e-mail I received from one of our club members because I truly think it is newsworthy.

The e-mail from Katherine Lee Queen read:

I am so proud of our club, and what we do for our town. If we did nothing else, but this event every year, I would consider the year successful.

What a wonderful gift we give to the children, the future adults of our country. Just think of them telling their children about how they celebrated the Fourth.

I firmly believe that this is the way the founders of our country hoped it would be celebrated. A birthday party with a parade, family, friends, fireworks, good food, music and respect for one another.

We are what makes this country great! It is not the “big wigs” in Washington/Richmond, but the “everyday salt of the earth citizen” who tries to make their community a better place.

I am so proud to be a member of a club that sponsored such an event! God Bless Windsor and God Bless the USA.

Mary Lee Willis