Support local business to preserve local history

Published 10:15 am Saturday, July 24, 2010

To the Editor:

Do we accept defeat, or do we step up to the plate to help our neighbors?

Each one of us depends on our local businesses more than we realize.

Too often, the news media would condition us to believe that we must rely on some government solution for all our problems. Don’t buy this hogwash; buy from your local business instead.

People still talk about the soda jerk fountain of Woolworths in downtown Hampton, though it’s been gone for many years. A cultural icon and part of many childhoods, younger generations need traditions such as this passed down to them — it’s their heritage too.

Franklin is absolutely blessed to have a business like Parker Drug in its midst (“End of an era, Parker Drug, Franklin icon since 1887, to close July 27,” July 16). A true gem that overflows with historical and cultural significance, this is a business that has served our community for 123 years.

How many generations of your family have relied on Parker Drug through the years?

We still have an opportunity to support and save the Canada family business.

As a community, we can show that Parker Drug still has staying power to thrive in rough times. It takes each of us, looking out for each other, to make our community strong and vibrant.

My wife and I enjoy our 40-minute drive to Franklin, so I know there’s others who do too. So if you haven’t visited Parker Drug, or Joe’s Pizza Palace, or any of the other great local shops, do so today.

Don’t let another piece of our local history become something that only exists in the memories of our forebears.

David Lyons