The Horace Mann Cos.

Published 8:19 am Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Name of Person Featured: Kaye Weaver

Name of Business: The Horace Mann Cos.

Street Address: 601 N. Mechanic St., Suite No. 303, Franklin Business Incubator

Telephone Number: 757-562-0936

Office Hours: By appointment

E-Mail Address:

Nature of Business: Auto, home, and life insurance; retirement annuities; disability insurance; college funding; and financial products

How’s Business?: Considering the economic times, it’s steady, but it could always be better.

Something You Wish Everyone Knew About Your Business: My company primarily markets to and provides financial and competitive insurance products to education employees. These products and services are also available to non-educators. Horace Mann is one of the largest multi-line insurance companies in the United States, focusing on the needs of educators and their families.

Something You Offer That a Customer Won’t Find Elsewhere: Education employees will find retirement and insurance products and services tailored to them with unique benefits and discounts designed for their needs.

Your First Job: Lifeguard at a local pool.

Your Role Model: My mother, and the regional manager who hired me at Horace Mann.

The Key to a Successful Business Is: Always providing good customer service, returning calls promptly, working in the very best interest of the client at all times, even if it means you don’t always get an account, being honest and up front, and doing my best to provide information to clients in a manner they can relate to and understand. “Nice always wins.”