42 days and counting

Published 8:08 am Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I’ve been told that some have seen in the past a liquid fall from the sky. It’s a clear, moist substance (so they tell me) that gravity pulls to the earth.

It doesn’t come all at once, but rather in different size droplets that descend until encountering something solid such as trees, ground, cars or people. They say they’ve seen over a million come down in less than an hour, enough to cover the ground and run into streams, ponds and rivers, running down hills, making puddles and getting your feet wet if you step in it.

It can moisten your clothes and mat your hair. Why, if you tilt your head back and open your mouth, it falls right inside. So they say.

And the sound it makes.

“Splats” and “Plops” and “Plinks,” thousands and thousands of them, such that you can hear it while inside a house.

But I’m not sure it’s true — that much water coming out of the sky? For free? I have my doubts.

I’ve heard there are devices attached to vehicles that scrape this substance off the windshields. But I don’t see them working.

I’ve seen troughs attached to houses at the edge of roofs to catch this stuff. But I don’t see them being used.

I’ve even seen these circular canopies people open up, supposedly to keep the liquid off them. But I haven’t seen them opened.

Seems to me this whole thing might just be a fairy tale, a legend, a myth.

But just in case it is true and actually does happen, I intend to prepare myself. I’ll be looking up, searching for a drop to come barreling down and strike me square in the forehead. Then another. Then a thousand more.

I want it to get my clothes wet and the grass wet. To drench the pastures and fields, cool the cattle, make streams talk and rivers roar.

I want to see ponds and puddles overflow and birds fly for cover. I want it to — what’s the word they use — Rain! That’s it — Rain!

Let the heavens open and pour forth! Drench us! Saturate us! Rain, I say! Rain!

I hope to see such activity take place. Perhaps one day it will. I plan to be there when it does. That is, if these things actually do happen.