Have faith that each member of City Council will do what’s right

Published 10:01 am Friday, July 16, 2010

To the Editor:

As one who has been here and loved Franklin for more than three-quarters of a century, I wish to respond to a letter from a city councilman (“City leaders should serve the people, not enslave them,” July 11) in The Tidewater News.

A couple of years ago, our city manager publicly told councilmembers, “You tell me what money I have to work with, and I will do it with that.”

Clearly, not the words of one who would “enslave” the citizens, but those of an expert, experienced city manager who came to Franklin at exactly the right time. She, her administrators and a capable and steady City Council have governed well, cut expenditures dramatically, and kept our taxes low while other municipalities have felt forced to raise them.

Yes, as stated, the city is my largest creditor because I get more from the city.

A paved street, garbage that is promptly and carefully removed, the comforting sight of a passing police car, knowing that if I have a fire or heart attack, professional and caring help will be instantly on the way, good water at the tap, sewerage that reliably flows away, electricity with all its blessings, and schools for our children are delivered for what I “render unto Caesar.” A good deal from my point of view.

Additionally, I do not perceive the recent result of the Ward 3 election was sufficiently momentous to stimulate a death wish among the council, individually or collectively.

Having been involved in a large enterprise, I cannot believe any business will happily come to a community so blatantly and divisively criticized by a part of its government. It hurts us all.

In years thankfully gone by, our community was not the happiest place for all citizens. Now we see a different community. Let us work together to continue to improve it.

Each member of the City Council is a part of the whole, and I have faith in the current members to do what is right.

Joseph H. Stutts