Boy Scout leader saves local man’s life

Published 10:07 am Friday, July 16, 2010

A restless Boy Scout leader has been credited with saving Bob Archer’s life.

Bob, an assistant scoutmaster for Troop 125 in Hunterdale, in late May went to Emporia for a weekend camping event. He awoke at about 2 a.m. not feeling well.

The 47-year-old Franklin man went to the bathroom, and on his way back, fell a couple of times.

When Bob attempted to yell for help, he couldn’t get the words out and remained on the ground.

Then he heard a zipper on a tent and footsteps. It was Neil Spiers, a leader with Troop 232 in Emporia. Neil doesn’t sleep on camping trips and decided to take a walk.

“I made enough noise to get his attention,” Bob said.

He was taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors determined Bob was apparently suffering from an allergic reaction to a spider bite.

“When we got into the light (at the hospital) my whole body was swollen and bright red,” he said.

Bob was treated and able to return to the campout.

n Susan Holloway with Bleu Fox Stables is sponsoring a name-the-pony contest.

Susan recently acquired a pony, but doesn’t care for its given name — Stormy.

Through her business, she offers pony rides at Franklin Farmers’ Market, Franklin-Southampton County Fair, Franklin Fall Festival and other local events. Anyone who pays the $5 for a pony ride can submit a name for the pony.

Susan will review the names and choose one. The kid whose name for the pony is chosen will get free pony rides for a year at events where they are offered.

n Got a response from Sandy White concerning Ann Underwood’s problem with deer destroying her Franklin garden (“Gardens overrun by deer,” July 11).

Sandy read about a motion sprinkler that someone used for their flower gardens to keep deer out, and the woman claimed it worked. Sandy says the cost is reasonable — less than $100 each or maybe closer to $80 each.

Thanks, Sandy.

Ann is a faithful reader of The Tidewater News, so I hope she sees this.

n East Pavilion resident Alyce Britton recently painted a picture of zinnias growing in the outdoor garden at the Franklin nursing home.

Alyce participated in last year’s “Give Us Hope” art auction at Cypress Cove Country Club.

East Pavilion holds a watercolor painting class each month for residents. Professional frame shops choose paintings for the auction and matte and frame them at no cost.

The artwork is displayed at area businesses before going to the auction.