We all need to slow down, be more considerate

Published 9:45 am Saturday, July 10, 2010

To the Editor:

You know it would be nice to see everyone go back to being considerate of others. To take their time and not be in such a hurry.

I know not everyone has seen the commercial about stopping and helping the person who might have dropped something or taken a fall, and someone helped them up. I’m sure you get the concept of this commercial.

Well, there are a few people around Franklin/Southampton County who know how to help others, and it is very refreshing to see and tell them they are special.

And yet again there are a few who are not so nice out there and think they are owed for even being here in the first place.

You know, like the ones who would rather drive over the top of the person in front of them, or the ones who would zip in and out of parking lots not caring if there is someone walking who they might run over with their car, or yet again try to slide in between two cars to get to their destination, not caring who might get hurt.

Then again there are those who just pull off side streets not even stopping at all because the one in front of them didn’t stop either.

Wow. What ever happened to caring about maybe someone small, running down the sidewalk, you know, a child, or even an elderly person in a motorized chair?

People aren’t thinking nowadays about anybody else but themselves. Every time I see someone that is rude here in Franklin/Southampton County, it makes me mad and sad at the same time.

I would like to take something they cherish away if only for one minute to let them feel the hurt they would be causing to someone.

Slow down, people; there are others out here with families they want to be with. I know Franklin/Southampton residents have taken a major hit along with the rest of the country on unemployment, but we still have a life.

Why can’t we be that great community we were when I first moved here? Let’s enjoy it. Care about other people and not just yourself. Drive safe, share your time with others, don’t take it away from them.

If you can help someone, then do it. I’m not saying to be used by someone, but help if you can. Slow down, enjoy life.

I plan to, and if I have been mean to you, I am truly sorry.

Cindy Jones