Mother of eight should not be front-page news

Published 9:39 am Saturday, June 26, 2010

To the Editor:

I subscribe to four newspapers and enjoy reading about local news of interest, however, I cannot understand why this (“Franklin woman gives birth to quadruplets,” Wednesday, May 26) should be exalted as front-page news.

I am nearly 77 years of age, and immoral behavior has been addressed through my life by reading and being taught about this behavior being unacceptable by my churches and my mentors.

I cannot begin to understand the life of a woman giving birth to eight children without the benefit of having a loving husband and father for these children.

This irresponsible behavior should not be condoned by anyone. How must her family feel that she has brought eight children into this world to be fed and cared for completely by strangers who feel sorry for the children?

I love children as much as anyone, however, my late husband and I chose to stop at three because they were loved so much that we wanted to provide a loving home, clothing, food and support for their needs.

Why in the world should anyone think that taxpayers would wish to provide for this many children who did not choose to be born?

If this mother’s mind is not capable of making a better judgment, then she should have surgery to prevent any more illegitimate children. I do not approve of abortions, but this clearly is an injustice to the children and society, who pay for care and schooling of children.

There are some people who will criticize for my letter, and perhaps I am not a good Christian, however, I would sincerely hope that your newspaper will not be responsible for making this story appear to be a good article. It is very demeaning to all who love children and want the best for them.

Thanks for an opportunity to express my concern.

Mary Grace Garner-Atkins