Reliving precious memories at Franklin High’s 1948-60 reunion

Published 8:28 am Friday, June 25, 2010

To the Editor:

From north to south, Main Street Franklin was alive Friday night, June 11.

It was the beginning of a Franklin High School Reunion for the Classes of 1948-1960.

Fred’s, always a favorite gathering place, catered close to 100 graduates on the patio and inside. News was that some from the Class of 1960 were the last ones to leave.

Rusty Brett and his staff catered to nearly as many at The Grey Fox. Rusty reopened the restaurant just last year. They did an excellent job, serving drinks and snacks followed by a buffet with food too good to describe.

Saturday night all of the classes joined together at the Regional Workforce Development Center. Dot Kitchen catered the buffet. Once again food was great, and you name it, it was included.

Each class recognized the least changed member. There was a round of applause when all of the females from one class came forward to accept this recognition.

All who wore the Broncos uniform for football, basketball, baseball and cheerleader, and the ones who traveled the furthest were also recognized by each class. The graduate from Washington state won over California this year, but it was a close call.

Two large screens showed photographs from years past all evening. Camera flashes were also obvious. People were taking photos to add to the screen at the next reunion.

Main Street was busy again Sunday morning as those who chose to end the weekend had breakfast at either Fred’s or The Grey Fox.

Some people choose not to participate in reunion for whatever reason.

Some attend just to see who looks the oldest, who became the most prosperous, to check out old boyfriends and girlfriends, or to see school friends they’ve not seen for many years.

Being from small town USA, most of these classmates have known each other since the first grade at the old Franklin Elementary School.

Memories are precious, and I’m glad I was around again for the Reunion of 2010.

Ellen G. McNeal

Class of 1950