Walgreens names new manager, adds beer, wine

Published 8:21 am Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FRANKLIN—Walgreens drugstore at College and Armory drives in Franklin has a new manager and some new beverage choices.

Mike Zajac, 24, took over the helm on June 3, at about the same time the store began selling beer and wine because of a corporate policy decision.

“As a convenient location, people expect that if they want a bottle of wine at night that they can stop in at Walgreens and get it, so we wanted to provide that for them,” Zajac said. “We now carry a large selection of beer and wine.”

Zajac, who grew up in Yorktown and graduated from Virginia Tech in 2008, has worked for the company for about three years, primarily at stores in the Newport News area. An intern for the company, he was offered a full-time manager’s position after graduation.

“I’ve probably worked in eight to 10 different stores, and they’re all different,” he said. “It’s great to meet people with different backgrounds and getting to know them.”

Zajac said he plans to be involved in the community as he has in other communities where he worked. The company is very active in raising money for American Diabetes Association.

“It’s really a great town so I’m excited,” Zajac said. “I like the responsibility. I like helping people.”