Road signs: Beware

Published 8:03 am Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A man not fond of dogs or children.

Anyone in leadership who does not have the attitude of a servant.

Saying, “This one time and then no more.”

A prospective husband who fails to honor his mother.

A woman aware of her beauty.

Peanuts with germination under 85 percent.

Losing 50 pounds and thinking the hard part is over.

A high pressure off the coast in mid-July.

Growing fond of seeing your name in print.

Wishing you were somewhere else doing something else with someone else.

A steady diet of television.

The company of people who talk mostly of other people.

Stiff-legged bulls and crazy-eyed cows.

Thinking “I’ve fixed so much on this piece of equipment there’s nothing left to go wrong.”

Rabid dogs and rabid women.

Missing sunsets, full moons and humming birds, the smell of honeysuckle, the honk of Canadian Geese and the touch of a newborn’s fingers. All because you’re too dang busy.

The man who finds his identity in the size of his farm, the square feet of his house or the thickness of his wallet.

People who believe this life is all there is.

Wounded bears and wounded people. If given a choice, choose the former.

Debt, no matter its cloak.

The tantalizing, titillating, mesmerizing glance of the seductress.

Fear at 5, popularity at 15, lucre at 30, cynicism at 50, complacency at 60, comfortableness at 70, steps without handrails at 80.