Fumigation moves farmers’ market

Published 8:39 am Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FRANKLIN—Birdsong Peanut Co. fumigated its peanut warehouses in downtown Franklin on Tuesday to protect against insect infestation.

Because of its proximity to the warehouses, Franklin Farmers’ Market has been moved from its Main Street location to Barrett’s Landing through Friday, June 25.

The chemical used for the fumigation leaves an odor similar to garlic in the surrounding area, but poses no threat to the public.

Franklin Fire and Rescue and Birdsong Peanut Co. officials monitored the process.

“This is a normal occurrence. They usually do it once or twice a year,” said Deputy Chief Mark Carr of Franklin Fire and Rescue. “It’s just part of a normal process that they have to do to ensure that they keep the bugs out of the material.”

Those with questions or concerns can contact Franklin Fire and Rescue at 562-8581.