Elementary students make honor roll

Published 8:44 am Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FRANKLIN—S.P. Morton Elementary School fourth-graders were recognized for making the honor roll at least three out of five grading periods.

Thirteen of the students attended last week’s first of what’s to be an annual honors award banquet. They were Tsuhiye Barnes, Craishon Olds-Teachey, Nyjey Pope, Tanasia Rogers, Cindy Mitrovic, Sarah Connor, Jesikah Benton, Cameron Hough, Kaitlyn Whitehead, Perry Turner, Sadie Filhart, Jamiya Hunt and Alexis Olds.

Principal Donald F. Spengemen commended students for their hard work and efforts to better themselves through education.

“These ceremonies really give my son motivation to do better in school,” added Javanna Barnes, who is Tsuhiye Barnes’ mother.

Students also are eligible to take the test to enroll in gifted program.