Reflecting on what it means to be a student at J.P. King Middle School

Published 8:37 am Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I think being a J. P. King student means more than just being a part of this school.

To me, it is like a family.

I have been in Franklin most of my life. I went to S.P. Morton Elementary School and now I am proud to be a member of the J.P. King family.

One thing I have noticed, my principals and my teachers now and in the past, have wanted an adventurous life for me. I never really realized that I should want that for myself also.

Middle school has had many impacts on my life. The teachers in this school are wonderful and have taught me different things from academics to real-world problems that I will have to face as I get older.

Most of the academic work has been challenging. I never thought I could do this level work. When you set your mind to it, you can do anything.

In school, I have no friends. Most of the time I walk the halls alone. Sometimes it’s good to be alone. You get more goals achieved in life when you do not have a person bringing you down.

Associates are the people I have conversations with about things that go on in and out of the school. They are not my friends, but I just talk to them; friends are people that have your back no matter what happens. They have confidence in you and want you to succeed in all you do.

Every time I think about it and get sad, I say to myself, my career is my friend, and I don’t need anyone to help me out.

My school has many after-school activities; I like to get involved in them. They keep trouble that is lurking around away from you. Many of these students in our school don’t like to go out and try something new from school projects to sports.

Out of all the things that I have learned in the four years that I have been in J.P. King, the most important is never doubt yourself, just keep going until you reach the top.

With the support from all my teachers, I know I will make it.