Councilmen plan ward meeting

Published 9:05 am Saturday, June 12, 2010

FRANKLIN—Councilmen Benny Burgess and Barry Cheatham will meet with residents on Tuesday, June 15, at the Regional Workforce Development Center at Paul D. Camp Community College.

Burgess said he and Cheatham want to make themselves available to the residents in “a less formal setting” than a City Council meeting.

“The meeting is not only for me to bring folks up to date on items, but also to get feedback from them as to questions and suggestions from them,” Cheatham said. “Many have either called or e-mailed during the past year, and I have always responded, but some may feel reluctant to do that so this will give them the opportunity.”

Both Burgess and Cheatham expect the city’s fiscal 2011 budget, which is set for adoption Monday, June 14, will be a topic of discussion.

The local economy and changes with the Southeastern Public Service Authority will also likely come up.

“We have about six or seven items that we’re going to spend 10 or 15 minutes on, but then we will just be available for people to ask us question and give them a chance to have access to us,” Burgess said. “We want people to be listened to, and that’s why we’re making ourselves available.”