Windsor adopts $1.5 million budget

Published 7:39 am Friday, June 11, 2010

WINDSOR—Windsor Town Council on Tuesday adopted a $1.5 million budget for 2010-2011 with little fanfare.

“There were no tax increases, no services to residents were cut, and there will be no use of fund balances in this budget, which includes both the general and water funds,” said Town Manager Michael Stallings

“On the other hand, we did not add any services, but we were able to give our staff, with the exception of the zoning and planning administrator and myself, a 2 percent raise,” Stallings said.

Stallings said the town clerk and office manager were given slightly higher than 2 percent raises because the clerk had recently earned a certification rating from the International Institute of Municipal Clerks.

The office manager’s salary will be brought up to the minimum of her pay grade, he said.

“This is a no frills, bare-bones budget,” Stallings said. “We’re going to curb spending and do everything possible to work within this budget.”

A five-year capital improvement plan also was adopted. The only projects proposed for the coming year are purchasing touch-read meters for the water department and a police cruiser. Council appropriated $10,000 for the meters and $36,000 for the police vehicle.