Issue with mother is about irresponsibility

Published 7:59 am Friday, June 11, 2010

To the Editor:

I would first start by writing that I’m not a resident of Franklin. I do however work in the city. After reading all of the press on the young mother with the eight children, I’m dismayed about the reaction of the citizens of this city.

Does every issue boil down to the Southside of the city against the Northside? Race has nothing to do with the opinions of those writing to this paper.

The issue at hand is the irresponsibility of this young lady and the ability of her and her family to care for these children.

Premature babies run an increased risk of long-term health problems well beyond their formative years.

Will this young lady and her family or supporters be willing to care for these babies at all hours of the night or for the rest of their lives without public assistance?

Can anyone guarantee that this young mother will be able to feed, clothe or give each child the attention they’re going to need to become respectable young adults?

This is a very common occurrence in our younger generation these days. I’ll be glad to stand up and help this young lady if she needs it, but I do not have to agree with the idea of supporting her for her flawed ideas.

And for those who wonder . . . I’m a single father of two children, and not one time have I asked for monetary assistance or claimed it was “God’s” work. We are all accountable for our actions while we’re on this Earth.

Steven Jennings