‘Trashy’ opinions shouldn’t be printed

Published 8:48 am Wednesday, June 9, 2010

To the Editor:

I find it hard to imagine that The Tidewater News would disregard its own set morals, but yet I have been proven wrong.

In a matter of two weeks you allowed a single mother to be dubbed publicly as a burden to society in a poll and allowed a man to also brand an honorable father and son team as “racists.”

The Tidewater News made it very clear before I began to write this that “Submissions should not be defamatory or in poor taste. We prefer opinions on issues rather than personalities.”

But I guess the “distressed” gentleman from Carrollton was an exception as well as the distasteful poll you posted on the front page.

It was poor taste when you (The Tidewater News) decided to take on social issues rather than report the news as you are supposed to. The mother who gave birth to the quadruplets is more than likely in a form of mourning related to the death of the father.

But, I guess it was just not enough to report on the joy of her giving birth. No, it was taken a step further and made those children seem like poor life choices rather than tiny miracles.

Opinions on issues?

You let a man tell an incomplete historical story.

He kept repeatedly referring to the National flag of the Confederacy, but never said what it was. The National flag, which he referred to is the Stars and Bars, which was replaced by the more famously known battle jag of the Army of Northern Virginia.

This was done after there was a confusion during battle between the two fighting forces and the similarities between the Stars and Bars and our American flag of the Stars and Stripes.

I did not see Eddie and Scott Phillips using those placed flags in a racially based format.

Morals seem to be something that The Tidewater News need to research.

Apologies are something that are desperately needed. For a final reminder, please report the news no matter how little of it you find to fill the pages. If you have to dig up dirt and rely on trashy opinions then the foundation of the paper to me seems to be hanging off a cliff ready for its demise.

Mary Pittman