Middle school hosts reenactment for students

Published 10:24 am Saturday, June 5, 2010

FRANKLIN—On Friday J.P. King Jr. Middle School hosted a Civil War Reenactment for its students.

U.S. History teacher Christopher Gorgei plans the event every year for his students.

“It follows the curriculum,” Gorgei said, “And the students ask varying questions.”

The reenactment is performed by guidance counselor, M.L. Cruey, and her husband, Kelly.

The props included a tent, fire and clothing from the era. The couple cooked bread over the fire while explaining the daily life for soldiers and people of the time.

“You were lucky to get butter if you were a soldier,” Kelly Cruey told students.

Another station had a display of a mannequin dressed in women’s attire. M.L. Cruey talked about the woman’s outfit, which included her dress, apron and corset.

They also spoke about a soldier’s clothing and shoes, telling students that everything but the shirt was made of wool, and boots had nails in the heels to hold the leather to the bottom.

“Often, a soldier’s uniform was made by his mother, sister, or wife,” M.L. Cruey explained.

Throughout the reenactment, lessons on health risks, germs and hygiene were included so students could understand how the advances made in science and technology since the Civil War have greatly changed how we live.