‘What was she thinking?’

Published 8:05 am Friday, May 28, 2010

To the Editor:

I cannot sit by silently and watch this travesty pass. Black or white, I can hardly conceive of a less responsible person than Keisha Keys (“Franklin woman gives birth to quadruplets”, Wednesday, May 26).

If I thought she was capable of rational or moral thought at all, I would want to know, “What was she thinking?” OK, maybe she was bested by the Californian who recently birthed octuplets, but that’s so outlandish that only a Californian would try it.

Does Miss Keys have any idea of or care about who will have to pay to raise her eight children? Who will have to pay for the undoubtedly exorbitant medical expenses (I just can’t imagine) just to house her in a hospital for 3½ weeks and have these babies delivered and cared for at the hospital for a month? Taxpayers.

And who will have to raise them and their brothers and sisters. Her mother and sister? And who will pay for that? Taxpayers.

And would this be any imposition on her mother and sister? To care for her unemployed self and her eight children? I would guess so.

And isn’t it precious that she and her friend had been dating for over a year and had planned this sexual extravaganza? She said, “God doesn’t put more on you than you can bear.”

But He surely allowed her to put more on the taxpayers than they can bear.

This is outrageous. If any of my friends are insulted or offended by this letter, I invite them to take it up with me directly. I am fed up with this kind of behavior.

Holt Livesay