Tiffany Musselman

Published 9:32 am Saturday, May 22, 2010

Name: Tiffany Musselman

Age: 20

Occupation: Student at Old Dominion University

Marital status: Single

Church affiliation: Franklin Presbyterian Church

People say I look like: My brother

Favorite movie of all time: The Lion King

TV show I never miss: Secret Life of an American Teenager

The secret to happiness is: Love

I wish I knew how to: Draw

One superpower I wish I had: X-ray vision

If I had to eat only three foods for the rest of my life, they’d be: Pizza, chicken, peas

Three words that best describe me: Happy, loyal, friendly

Book currently on my nightstand: “Letters to Jackie,” by Ellen Fitzpatrick

My proudest achievement: Being a junior in college

My most humbling moment: When my godson was born

My most recent trip: Deep in the mountains of Virginia

My life won’t be complete until: I graduate college

My friends think I’m: Funny

I really lose my cool when: People are wishy-washy

Favorite college sports team: Old Dominion

The best life lesson I’ve learned: Think before you speak.

Best decision I’ve made in life: Attending ODU

Local charitable or non-profit organization I wish more people would support: Local food banks

What gives me the blues: Being alone

My best childhood memory: Saturday night pizza when my Pop-Pop was still alive.