Don’t just complain; get your opinions on government heard

Published 8:11 am Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To the Editor:

Why stay at home and complain about your government? Why not get up and get involved and let your voice be heard?

There are several civic groups in Isle of Wight county that will be glad to have you as their guest.

The Isle of Wight Citizen’s Association, the oldest civic group in Isle of Wight County, meets every second Monday at the new Sentara St. Luke’s Health Care Campus on Brewers Neck Boulevard at 7 p.m.

On Sept. 15, the association will celebrate 32 years of listening to and taking residents’ problems to the County Board of Supervisors, or wherever it needs to be heard. We have helped bring about major changes in our county.

Last week our guests included two well-informed Virginia State Police Officers that gave us valuable information concerning safety on the James River Bridge — information that we will take to Virginia Department of Transportation to help make the bridge a safer place to travel.

The sheriff of our county also gave us information concerning law enforcement in the county.

The chairman of the school board, David Goodrich, discussed several changes he hopes to make in the county public school system.

We had a rather heated verbal discussion concerning proposed proffers. Two supervisors were present and heard our concerns. We thank Supervisors Stan Clark and Al Casteen for taking time to be with us.

So stop complaining and get involved. You can make a difference. We will welcome you and believe you will be glad you took the time to join the members of the Isle of Wight Citizen’s Association.

The refreshments are delicious.

Hope to see you at our next meeting on June 14. If you would like more information call me at 357-5352

Grace Keen

President, Isle of Wight Citizens Association