America, other countries plugging for global ruler

Published 7:50 am Friday, May 7, 2010

I was 89 years old on Feb. 25 and have witnessed quite a lot from President Hoover until the present time.

When I hear the words “The Great Depression,” it sounds as if the word “great” was a good time. Nothing could be further from the truth.

My family was dirt farmers, and farm prices were much below the poverty level, and without our garden and smokehouse, we would have gone hungry.

The government leaders were responsible for the Depression. Why? The president and the wealthy people took their money out of the banks and invested it overseas. Wall Street lost money every day until it crashed.

We are headed the same way now. Why do I say that? All those billions of dollars printed to bail out businesses were worthless, and we were forced to borrow from overseas to back it up. When the demand for repayment of the note is due, the holders will own America.

It’s a hard thought, but it’s true. The countries, including America, are plugging for a global ruler and a global religion. Which would mean a one-man leadership — a dictator worse than another Hitler and an Islam religion.

The president wants that foreign prison closed and the ones who bombed the World Trade Center to come over here, and very little is being done to downgrade nuclear war.

Everything that’s being done is destroying what our forefathers fought so hard to achieve.

I wish America would wake up before it’s too late. I honestly believe there will be a one-man government and a one-man religion, but not what they are expecting.