Poochie Pageant

Published 10:45 am Saturday, May 1, 2010

SEDLEY—Best friends Suzette Greger and Renee Wrenn worked until late into the night making costumes for the first-ever Poochie Pageant in Sedley.

Their effort paid off.

Wrenn’s maltipoo, Marcey, won best costume in the first-ever dog show to raise money for the community’s Fourth of July festivities. Marcey was dressed as a bride and Greger’s Maltese, Sonny, was the groom. When paired with Marcey, the dogs got a lot of attention from spectators.

“We’re best friends,” Greger said about her relationship with Wrenn. “And our dogs are always trying to play together.”

That why Greger and Wrenn chose the bride and groom theme for their dogs.

Judges Elizabeth Barnes and Richard Harris chose Susan Jorden’s bloodhound Delilah for Best of Show.

Honorable Mention went to Vickie Ricks for her Pomeranian Panda Bear.

Other winners from the Poochie Pageant were:

■ Pureblood Hottie — Stacy Barnes’ Jack Russell terrier Tyson

■ Mysterious Mutt — Michael Clark’s dog Abby

■ Best Tail Wag — Mattie Carr’s golden Labrador retriever Sunny

■ Terrific Trick — Gwen Albers’ black Labrador retriever Missy

■ Fattest Couch Potato — Sarah Burgess’ Boston terrier Yoko

■ Pooch and Master Look Alike — Charlotte Rasnake’s yorkie Gidget.