Everyone needs to vote

Published 7:50 am Wednesday, April 28, 2010

To the Editor:

Going to the polls on Tuesday, May 4, is a responsibility of each and every registered voter. It is very important to state it is not easy for everyone to agree on decisions that the council makes, but when citizens do not agree it is also their right to exercise their view of disagreement. Council members have the responsibility to listen and give citizens reasons of the vote. I cannot stress that enough.

Sitting at a council table is a big responsibility and not a “fly-by-night” position. It should give you pride to serve others and not only for yourself. You should be willing to work for hours not just 2 hours per month.

Some candidates are running not for the betterment of Boykins and its future. What is your reason for running? Think about that! You represent all people and not just a few and I cannot say those words enough! Your yes or no vote is for all citizens and what is best for them. You may not agree with all decisions, but in your heart you know it is best for a majority of citizens.

Deciding not to run again this year was hard, but this gives other citizens an opportunity to serve the people of Boykins as I have. So, to you the voter: This election is important as state and national elections are. So “get it right” by performing your duty to vote on May 4.

Mary Elizabeth Washington,

Outgoing Boykins Town Council